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    Artist Moto Waganari


    Moto Waganari Artist Moto Waganari aka “Moto” designs grid structures, as hardly tangible body looming for the eyes of the beholder. The light installations, as three-dimensional figures, can be extended by a two-dimensional silhouette. Its essence visualizes a surreal parallel world. Moto Waganaris pieces of art captivate for their beauty, the delicate lightness and the marvel at the level of detail and barely comprehensible feasibility.

    Moto Waganari Fiction

    His sculptures are of superhuman precision and ease. Transparent mesh bodies, materializing as weightless body silhouettes in front of the look of the beholder. 3D artist, or perhaps digital sculptor Moto Waganari knows how to weave light and shadow with his light installations. Humans, animals and geometry merge into one, three-dimensional figures are emerging in two-dimensional silhouettes. From almost superhuman precision and ease, transparent mesh bodies materialize in front of the beholder. Placed as light installations, his sculptures revive and unfold their true effect. Moto Waganaris sculptures delight from every angle and live by the play of light and shadow.

    From a machine created, its polygonal models see the reality of the world. Using the latest technologies at his side : What he modeled on the computer, is then produced with a 3D printer by using modern sintering technology from the automotive and aerospace industry. One layer after another, a laser hardens plastic powder to form a new sculpture. A technological innovation that slowly penetrates into the art scene because of their almost unlimited possibilities.

    Moto Waganari is a pioneer in the opener of this, yet in the beginning, a digital era of sculptors: “I wanted to create something that never existed before. Something that will amaze us because it is not feasible by human hands. “

    Moto Waganari works exclusively with the Heitsch Gallery.
    More information about exhibitions of his art on http://www.heitschgalerie.de .