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    Buy art sculptures online at Artshapes

    Discover stunning art sculptures (figurines, statues, 3D art) by renowned artists at Artshapes online store.

    Artshapes is the place to go for 3D designers, 3D artists and all those interested in the modern form of artistic design in 3D printing.

    Artists of today create impressive works with us and create impressive creations.

    Artful and detailed, Artshapes masterfully transforms the ideas of creative minds into reality.

    Which artist sculptures can you buy online at Artshapes?

    In our online store you can find artworks by contemporary 3D artists and 3D designers like Moto Waganari and Jan Davidoff:

    Moto Waganari

    Moto Waganari is a contemporary German artist who creates intricate network sculptures.

    The three-dimensional art sculptures are multiplied by a two-dimensional shadow.

    An exciting play of light and shadow.

    Learn more about the artist “Moto Waganari” here.

    Jan Davidoff

    The works of artist Jan Davidoff are oriented towards clearly figurative paintings. In a new series Jan Davidoff deals with abstract, geometrically designed forms.

    The artist completed his painting studies at the Munich Art Academy in 2009. For this short artist career, the artist creates an amazing range of motifs and art sculptures.

    The Munich artist created the object “Cover”, inspired by the ornamentation of the Imperial Crypt in Vienna, which reflects the technique of 3D printing and was realized with Artshapes.

    How are 3D art sculptures created at Artshapes?

    Everything starts with an idea, the vision of the artist. On sketches, in thoughts, on paper, the first drawings and designs are created. An inspiration, such as an unexpected idea or a starting point of artistic creativity: material visions spring from the creative mind that no human hand can create.

    Artistic 3D printing leads to impressive 3D art at Artshapes. Hand in hand with the technical framework, the design of the art object takes place all the way to the finished 3D artwork.

    Atomically accurate and equally randomly ripped: Artists create immaterial models in virtual worlds. Then an innovative 3D printer realizes these digital sculptures to the art object made of plastic or metal.

    Virtual models initiated by the artist, grown in the computer, born by the 3D printer as material creatures: 3D art is the avant-garde.

    Currently, real sculptures are being created as pioneering works of sculptors. Art and technology meet in 3D printing and create touchable that touches you at Artshapes.

    In the beginning, the artistic information was digital, then it becomes material – to which artists put their hands and continue their creation: Modifying and decorating.

    To make art tangible, liquid or powdered materials are built up layer by layer by melting and hardening. The thickness of the individual layers ranges from a few tens of micrometers to a quarter of a millimeter.

    Touch again and again something previously impossible materialized for you from immateriality.

    Learn more about 3D printing at Artshapes here.

    What makes the art sculptures in Artshapes online store so unique?

    In our shop you will find unique examples of artistic creation. Each work of art has not only an aesthetic, but also a significant perfection.

    The peculiarity is that the works do not exist yet. The production takes place only after your order with the help of additive technologies. Size and materials can be chosen by the client based on the designer’s or artist’s specifications, giving him the opportunity to help shape “his” work of art.

    Learn more about 3D printing art at Artshapes here.