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    The Jumper

    Limited edition
    by Moto Waganari
    Only 2 of 8 available



    (L × W × H) : 200mm × 300mm × 200mm
    Material: Polyamide
    Delivery within 1 week

    The Jumper

    All sculptures are supplied with light sources and appropriate pedestals or hanging devices, so that on-site installation is complete and easy. So you can be sure that the work of art will achieve its full effect on you and that figure and shadow will merge.
    About Moto Waganari

    Moto Waganari’s sculptural cosmos is populated by curious hermaphrodites in which human, animal and geometry merge. Presented as light objects, the three-dimensional figures are augmented by a two-dimensional shadow image. In the shadow of the sculpture, a projection of the artwork is created that shows completely new, ever-changing perspectives.

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